About Us

We’re a small batch hot sauce company in Springfield, Missouri, that creates fiercely flavorful hot sauces. Our flagship product is Spicy Garlic, a mouthwatering three pepper hot sauce with a punch of smashed garlic (vampires beware) and a pinch of sweet. We’re not a watered down hot sauce. We believe in letting the peppers (and garlic!) take center stage.

After moving to Springfield in 2016, we were met with a loving, supporting community of over 100 foodie businesses from every corner of the earth. We knew right there we wanted to bring our homemade, hand crafted recipe to not overtake but to compliment all the local foods. We’re a company that believes in finger-licking flavorful food. We are huge supporters of farmers markets and have traveled all over the country visiting 100+ of them. Our love for the farmers market community and local food inspired us to start our own small batch food company.